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Monday, October 24, 2005

Pay porn sites

The difference between cheap porn sites and the more expensive ones is not in the quantity of porn or even in the quality of the videos. I've seen many cheap porn sites (scroll down in this post) that are better quality than some very expensive porn programs. They give you a ton of porn for the low price, more porn than you can watch in an entire month.

When you join a porn site, do you normally join for a trial period or sign up for a full month?

Do you watch just the movies related to your preference or do you watch other videos offered? Like if you join a teen site, do you also watch other hardcore, blowjobs, interracial/Latinas/Asians, lesbians even if the girls are not teens?

Do you watch as many videos as you can to use up your time? Or do you find that at the end of the trial or the month you've barely watched anything and you wasted most of your money?

Do you pay extra to watch live sex shows?

Do you pay extra to join other porn sites that the program recommends?

Do you buy sex toys?

Do you care about news, sports, the weather and such in the members area?

Do you gamble if the program has a casino or offers gambling sites?

Do you ever read the ezines, magazines and other stories?

If you like having all these extras, then by all means get your fun! Join Hustler Online and get all current and archived Hustler magazines, casino, Hustler Hollywood Adult Store, Live sex shows, Adult Personals and more porn videos and pictures than you'll ever be able to watch. Plus the entire Hustler DVD movie collection is downloadable to your computer. Now that's what I call getting your money's worth!

If all you care about is to watch and download porn videos and pictures, then join a program that will give you more than your money's worth rather than paying for stuff you couldn't give a shit about.

All the sites below cost only $6 per month. You will not be disappointed! If you're horny and you want to see some good hardcore fucking movies, then get with it man! It's only $6 and you'll get more hardcore action than your cock can handle. The value of these sites is absolutely incredible!

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Good porn site

hardcore porn site

CLUB HARDCORE - CUM AND GET IT THE WAY YOU WANT IT! is one hell of a good hardcore porn site! High quality FULL SCREEN videos with sound, tons of super porn content - there's absolutely nothing missing in this one!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Free porn trials vs paid trials vs monthly memberships

Is there really a difference in price? Yes, and a big one too. Aside from totally free sites that are usually restricted anyway, paid porn sites vary greatly in prices. You can get porn as cheap as $1 for a whole month like Orgasm Girls, $6 for an entire month like $6 porn videos, $10 porn movies, $29.99 multisite like Kara's Adult Playground and as high as $39.99 per month or more.

Why such a huge gap in prices?

If we knew that, porn sites would go bankrupt!

You just cannot judge a porn site based on the price alone. I've been in all of the $6 sites and I assure you that it is quality porn. They offer the same type of members area as the most expensive sites. Same thing with all the Hustler sites at $9.95 per month. Kara's is almost in a league of its own because it gives you plenty of hardcore and thousands and thousands of videos in every niche known to man.


Free trials are good when it's something you've never really seen before and you want to see what it's about. These usually convert at higher prices but overall you pay bascically the same price as a paid trial that would convert at the common $29.99 per month. You don't pay for the trial, you only pay the monthly fee.

Few porn programs give free trials because there's no money to be made when you give away free stuff. There are some really good ones and these convert extremely well, and there are others that tell you right away why it's free - no one would pay a dime to see it otherwise! I don't know how they can stay in business...??

Personally, I like to see sites that offer more than just one main niche. My porn taste goes hand in hand with my mood du jour. So I know I tend to review and offer these types of sites above specific fantasies.

You already know that amateurs and reality porn is not usually my thing although I have my moments. I like real pornstars, men and women who know what they're doing and why they're doing it - to please US the customers! The free porn trial in this category I would recommend most is Adult super stars - no popups.

If you like big tits, try Boobbie lovers - no popups.

If you like teens, Petite teenies (no popups) will give you all the tight pussy you want.

If lesbians is your thing, Lesbian Orgies might get you a permanent hard on or keep your pussy wet for a long time!


As for $1 trials, there are tons of them! Many sites are worth paying full price to see more when the trial period ends. Some of the least expensive convert at $29.92 per month and worth every penny. Even those that convert at higher prices will give you plenty for your money!

I'm somewhat impartial to breasts. I admit it, I like women's breasts. Big boobs! But I have no lesbian fantasies, that's why trannies are more my thing. :) But watching women in porn is a turn on to me especially if they have big tits. I don't care if they're real or faked, give me something big! You may like Big boobie babes (no popups) as much as I do!

For my favorite tranny/shemale sites, I like sites that offer shemales that look like women. A man with breasts is not that attractive to me, it's unnatural! But a woman with a dick... hehe My favorite tranny sites are Tranny Island (no popups)- beautiful trannies, big firm tits, and nice cocks too!

Another good tranny site is Real trannies (no popups). When they say you get the best of both worlds, they mean it!

As for all other trials and cheap monthly memberships, browse this blog for tons of ideas and reviews or visit HotSexyShop porn movies and videos. If you want black porn, go to my friend's site at Hot and Wet Black Pussy Porn where you'll get tons of hot and wet black pussies at low prices - both trials and monthly memberships.

And if you watch all these porn movies alone, let your favorite pussy, mouth or ass keep you company!

Happy porn surfing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Erotic stories

I am a woman with a wild imagination. On top of that, I'm pretty open minded when it comes to sex and I like to experiment and try new things.

When I first met my boyfriend, we used to send erotic emails to each other. WOW some were really hot and steamy! You can explore your fantasies and share what you like and dislike. Most women fantasize about rough sex, a stranger walking in and just taking them right then and there although the real thing may not be as pleasant.

That's why some fantasies should remain fantasies and that's where porn and erotic stories come in handy. When you fantasize about different sexual experiences, it's YOUR fantasy, so the story goes the way you want it. Sometimes reading someone else's fantasies can be a real turn on and get you all hot and horny.

At Filthy Letters you get plenty of these sex stories plus you get the porn videos, 20,000+ movies, to go with them, and don't forget all the pictures and extra bonuses. Many of these stories are written by people who lived what they write so passionately about, so not only is it real, but you can feel what they felt and oh boy is that a turn on or what!?!

If you've never read fantasy letters or erotic stories, you don't know what you're missing! When you feel that bulge in your pants, when you get so hard it almost hurts, switch to a video and let it explode! Are you married? Have a girlfriend? Read these together and you won't believe the great sex that will follow! For just $1.85 for 3 days, you'll have plenty to keep your mind and your hands busy. Keep a towel close by... it'll get wet in there!

Enjoy them with your partner. If you don't have a partner, get the Fleshlight! Some men say it's better than the real thing. :) You can customize it exactly the way you want. After all, it's for your own pleasure...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Megaporn sites review

In the previous post we looked at reality porn sites and multi site access. Now let's look at the sites that offer you megaporn in just one site.

The newest one and most recent to become a megaporn site is . I looked at this site almost a year ago when it was selling for just $6.25 per month. Their whole network of sites were that cheap (many still are, just scroll down on this page to find them)! Every site I looked at was very good quality and I couldn't believe how much porn they offered for such low prices. Sure put a lot of those $39.99/month to shame! Recently, they removed many of their discount sites and combined them into one huge mega site, . When you join Sexier, you get $20 in free credits towards live webcam shows. That in itself is a very good value because webcam shows are not cheap and most paid porn sites ask you for MORE money if you want to watch these shows! So what else? Many Hustler movies, Babe watch, private channels, lesbians, teens, Asians, black, amateurs, fetish, gangbangs, hardcore, hidden spy cams PLUS - FREE ACCESS to personals and "fuck someone real tonight" personals. These personals sites sell at a cost of $29.99 EACH on their own, but they're included FREE with your Sexier membership. So what's the cost? Sexier will cost you $33.95 per month. A little steep if you just look at the price, but good value if you consider everything you get with it. Unfortunately, there's no trial available.

Hustler Online and Hustler Platinum . I spent nearly two full weeks lurking around the Hustler sites and Hustler Platinum was my favorite although all Hustler sites are VERY good. Hustler Online currently has a special of 3 sites for one: Hustler, Barely Legal, and Hometown Girls. VERY GOOD VALUE! Both Hustler Online and Hustler Platinum are megaporn sites. They offer you HIGH QUALITY everything! Plus don't forget that you also get free access to all archives and current Hustler magazines (before they even hit the stands!). Hustler is one of the top porn makers and you won't be disappointed. Gorgeous women, tons and tons of hardcore, lesbians, anal, group sex, it's all here. Super members area, ezines, Hustler Hollywood (Hustler store), Hustler Personals, Hustler Live Webcams, and Hustler VOD (video on demand - pay as you go). All in all, Hustler is an excellent choice for the beginner to the most experienced porn surfer. Oh yeah, I can't forget that the ENTIRE HUSTLER VIDEO COLLECTION is now downloadable to your computer! NEVER rent another porn movie again!! If you already know Hustler, then go with the best value for your buck and join for $9.95 per month rather than the trials. Hustler Online $9.95 and Hustler Platinum $9.95.

Next is Vivid Porn - Vivid is a multi billion dollar porn company! You want quality? You'll get high quality! This particular tour is by far the best Vivid tour has ever had! It shows you all the Vivid girls and gives you a fairly long video preview of many movies featuring each Vivid girl. Just click on the "the girls" in the left menu to see who is a Vivid girl with a short profile, and on "movies" to see the video previews. Vivid also gives you access to the entire ARCHIVED Hustler movie collection at no extra charge that you can download to your computer. Is there a Vivid Girl you like more and you only want to see her? Then have a look at Vivid Girls official personal websites! You'll also get access to Vivid Store where you can buy Vivid videos, sex toys, apparel, herbal sex enhancers, etc., and Vivid Live where you can chat with your favorite girl.

Those are the top sites I recommend and I'm sure you'll be more than pleased with any of them. As I always say, you can't go wrong when you join the best!

Porn review

Megaporn sites - worth it or a waste of money?

There are two different kinds of mega porn sites: those that offer multi site access and those that give you more with one site than you could ever dream of.

What's the difference?

Multi site access

Most programs are now offering multi site access when you join ANY site in their portfolio. Some offer an additional 5 or 6 sites, others a dozen, many with 20, 30 or 40 more sites, some even go as high as an extra 80 porn sites included with your membership.

Is it really worth it or are you just paying for stuff you'll never use or see?

How often do you watch porn and for how long? Every day for hours or just once in a while when you get horny? How many of these sites do you think you'll see or how many movies do you think you'll watch in one month?

One GOOD porn site will keep you busy and occupied for a whole month and you probably won't see it all. So how much more do you really need?

- Are you paying a higher membership fee than you would with single sites? If you join a site you really want to see, then the added sites come as a bonus to your membership. BUT if the added sites are all about the same type of porn, are you really getting any value from it?

Many all access reality porn sites (the MOST popular reality sites on the net!) fall under this category. They go out and get girls on the street, in a bar, in a different country, to have sex with them. Whether they're lesbians, bisexuals or "normal", hardcore, blowjobs, anal, teens or MILF, it's all the same types of scenarios. Do you really need to see 20 of those sites? If you like it that way, then you'll be happy and it will be worth every penny to you. If not, you may want to visit other sites to see the difference. Join as a trial first, then decide if you want to stay any longer. If you don't like it, you didn't spend a fortune on it.

Many of these programs do this to keep their members longer. They KNOW that you'll never see it all in one month so you'll have to stay another month, and another month, and so on...


All reality porn pass - Includes MILF, teens, gangbangs, lesbians, mature, interracial, anal, blowjobs, threesomes, creampies, big tits, big cocks - about 18 sites total. Trial for 3 days is just $2.87 so it's a very good deal for all that porn. They offer good value and their sites are top sellers individually, so all of them combined makes this deal even better. Monthly membership converts at $39.73 per month after the trial.

All Reality Pass - Includes many popular sites such as Please Bang My Wife and Mr. Chew's Asian Beavers. Sites include MILF, Asians, big pussy lips, teens, Latinas, anal, blind dates turned into fuck fest, women squirters, big tits, foot fetish, and others. Trial is $4.95 for 3 days and a very good value. At least this one gives you much more variety than many other reality porn pass sites. Monthly converts at $29.98 after the trial, one of the best deals around!

All Inclusive VIP Pass - This one is very niche oriented and includes a total of 6 sites. You'll get Mother/Daughter duo - NOT incest but fucking the same guys, spanking, foot fetish, penetration tease, sleep assault, and tittie fucking. It fulfills specific fantasies that other sites don't fully explore, like sleep assault which is based on women being fucked while they sleep (eventually they wake up). Penetration tease is about the woman who teases the man until he almost begs to fuck her. Her part is to get him so hard and horny that he just can't stand it any longer. Very good reality sites in their particular niche. Trial for 3 days is $4.95 and monthly converts at $24.95. Very good value if these fantasies appeal to you.


Kara's Adult Playground - Of all the porn sites I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds by now, Kara's Adult Playground is STILL my favorite of them all and my #1 pick. Extremely well organized, excellent value for your buck, super good porn, and more than 40 sites to fulfill any and all your fantasies. You'll get amateurs, pornstars - and the best too!, centerfolds, blondes, brunettes, redheads, anal, blowjobs, cumshots, lesbians, trannies, fetishes of all kinds, big tits, Latinas, Asians, black/ebony, teens, group sex, voyeurs, mature, orgies, fat porn, big tits, gay and more hardcore than your cock can handle! Over ONE MILLION explicit pictures, more than 750,000 videos and hundreds of live sex shows DAILY! High quality classic porn like you don't find much around! There's no trial for Kara anymore, but the monthly membership of $29.99 is well worth it. Trust me! Hell, don't trust me, just join and judge for yourself!

[edited to add]
I forgot one major multi site access, Brain Pass Sites that is VERY HIGH QUALITY and offers many well known programs and pornstars, such as Lexington Steele (known for his 11 inch big black natural dick), Peter North (the porn cumshot legend!), many teen sites of barely legal porn stars - Shelby Bell - she got started in porn with Bruno B, Kelly Summer, Cherry Potter, Christine Young, Sweet Amylee, Melissa Doll, busty Christy, The Lucky Man (2-5 girls for ONE guy!), Bang Me Boys - gangbang, Silverstone Videos - well known to be very high quality porn maker, Dog House Digital - another well known porn maker from your basic raunchy hardcore to the weirdest fetishes, double penetrations, lesbians, Latinas, and so many more sites you'll be amazed! There's no trial for Brain Pass Sites but these are so well known that no trial or introduction is needed for any of it. Join for $29.95 per month and you won't regret it one bit!

Raw XXX Porn - BEST VALUE FOR YOUR BUCK! This one includes several of my favorite sites and gives you access to 80 sites! You'll get tons of teens, trannies, Latinas, blondes, redheads, brunettes, voyeurs, lesbians, webcams, small tits, big tits, big cocks, interracial, gangbangs, shaved pussies, hairy pussies, bondage, smoking, pregnant, gay, Indian porn, Asians, black/ebony, facials/cumshots, blowjobs, anal, you name it, you have it here. Trial is ONLY $1.85 for 3 days and this one converts at the low price of $29.99 per month. It doesn't get much better than that as far as value for your buck.

Megaporn sites will be discussed and reviewed in the next post. Before this one disappears on me with another Windows error, let's just post it now!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Realistic pussy

Why not make your lonely nights even better than the real thing? Fleshlight is known worldwide as the best male sex toy. Build your own realistic pussy, mouth or ass with the textures YOU want. Experience sensations and orgasms like you've never felt before. A real MUST HAVE for every porn surfer! Best money you'll ever spend on yourself. Let Fleshlight keep you company on those long winter nights.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

September HOT porn sites