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Thursday, November 23, 2006

YEHHHH! Best porn trial just added!

About time! This site is at the top of my favorite porn sites online. When I first reviewed these sites, I never wanted to leave. Why? Because it is very high quality, 100% exclusive, tons of sites to choose from and they're ALL included for the same price!, and the best hardcore I have ever seen anywhere at any time! So many extras, it's impossible to mention them all!

3 day trial $2.95 gets you access to more than 25 sites and trust me you won't regret it!!!

- Latinas
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- Peter North cumshot porn legend
- Lexington Steele
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- double penetration
- one guy many girls
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- Doghouse porn studio (very high quality and exclusive content)
- Silverstone (another high quality studio)
- Tons of teens - solos, lesbians, sluts and little whores
- female orgasms and squirting
- trannies (one of my weaknesses... hmmmm)
and so many more you won't know exactly what got your cock so hard!!!

What are you waiting for? If you're horny NOW, this is the best $2.95 you'll spend before the end of the year. GUARANTEED!

Saturday, November 18, 2006 update

If you're a regular HotSexyShop visitor, you've probably noticed some changes lately. About 90% of the links are popup free - YEAH!!!! Several sites have been removed and replaced with new ones. There are many reasons for this but the main one is spyware/adware/malware.

The adult community has been in an uproar for the last couple of months as more and more adult sponsors that use spyware/adware to advertise or download shit to your computer and get paid per install are being uncovered and exposed. When you get hit with malware downloads, the site that installed the crap on your computer WITHOUT your permission or knowledge gets paid a few cents. Yes, you read that right, only a few cents. But large TGP's with 100,000+ visitors per day make tons of money AT YOUR EXPENSE and totally fuck up your computer and could very well compromise your personal information, including credit card numbers and log-in usernames and passwords for everything you do online!

All porn sponsors that don't care about you and your computer have been removed permanently from HotSexyShop. I will never stress enough that your loyalty is important to me and I will NEVER, EVER fuck with your computer on purpose or knowingly promote programs that do.

I am so sick and tired of all the fucking idiots online who only care about making a few quick bucks at your and my expense - I am a surfer too!

All this to say that HotSexyShop is my pride and joy because I'm a woman who loves porn - GOOD PORN. I'm not here to make a quick buck by ruining your experience when you visit the site. My goal is to provide HIGH QUALITY porn sites that will NOT ruin your computer and put you at risk on the internet.

Watch for even more changes in the near future. Some pages are getting a much needed facelift with new sites and super high quality porn - most of it totally exclusive to each site.

Thank you for being a loyal HotSexyShop visitor and I hope you keep enjoying the site for many many years to come!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Adult personals... what are you looking for?

Christmas is right around the corner, it's time RIGHT NOW to start looking for someone for a good Christmas fuck fest! Don't spend the Holidays in front of your computer jerking off with a fleshlight when you get can a real pussy to slide your hard cock in as often as you want, or find as many pussies to fuck as you want!

The best porn sites

PS: All links are popup free - NO console, NO spyware, NO dialer... EVER!

Where can you find the best porn sites online? First, let's define "good hot porn" and go from there.

When I talk about best porn sites or great porn, I am talking about videos that show people who actually LIKE and ENJOY what they're doing, or at least can act like they do. I HATE movies when girls look at the camera and make it so obvious that they're faking everything, they're like saying "look at me get fucked, I hate it but you have to believe I'm enjoying it because I'm looking at you".

Fuck'em! That's not just amateur porn, that's piss poor porn in my eyes.

There are some good reality sites with pornstars on the rise, both men and women. But good reality porn is quite hard to find. And EXCLUSIVE reality porn is even more rare.

So what are the best porn sites online?

Stick with the "tried, tested, and true" and you won't be disappointed. Although smaller sites can offer good quality porn, the best hot porn comes from experienced porn makers.

Take Hustler Videos for example. The very first porn site I COMPLETELY reviewed. Now that's high quality porn and you get tons of it for your money. You have more bonuses than you could ever expect. All current and archived issues of Hustler magazine, very high quality explicit pictures and FULL SCREEN xxx movies and I mean xxx totally uncesored and great close shots. Gorgeous centerfolds you fantasize about that you can watch in hot hardcore action. You saw them naked, now you see them get fucked and give out-of-this-world blowjobs. They'll do a lot more than get you hot and horny, they'll make you cum until you can't cum anymore! Wanna see more Hustler sites? Go to the HotSexyShop Hustler video page.

If you like pornstars, then is your site! It's not a join page, you have to scroll down to follow the free tour and watch the free clips. I also totally reviewed that site and it's heaven for ANY pornstar lovers. EXCELLENT quality, tons and tons of explicity pictures, EXCLUSIVE xxx movies, many, many extras... Well worth the $2.95 trial for 3 days but if you want to save a few bucks, jump right in for a whole month at $29.99 and guaranteed you won't regret it. They even upped the bonuses and now you get FREE unrestricted access to an additional 8 pornstar sites.

One of my favorite sites, the Brain family of porn sites! I love their sites, very, very high quality, tons of niches and many world renown porn studios. EXCLUSIVE content too! Teens, solo girls, sex parties, outdoor sex, foot fetish, Lexington Steele, Peter North, Latinas, Asian, interracial, black and ethnic, squirting, cumshots, ass to mouth, double penetrations, threesomes and orgies, lesbians, big tits, you name it, you have it. Silverstone and DogHouseDigital are two very highly reputable porn studios that produce exclusive, high quality uncensored porn content. In other words, so much hardcore you wouldn't have time to watch all the videos even if you watched porn 24/7 for a whole year! Well worth the price, and no disappointment here, guaranteed! You'll only wonder why you didn't join this site before or how you could have missed it for so long.

Now, Penthouse Pets is another super quality porn site. Don't let the softcore approach fool you, it's a full blown porn site and then some! Penthouse is totally exclusive, access to Penthouse magazine, and many extras. Hardcore that will leave you breathless, high quality pictures and videos, and you'll get to watch Penthouse Pets doing things you only dreamt about. PLUS you can chat LIVE with your favorite Penthouse Pet and watch her do things you tell her to do!!! Penthouse is a definite keeper!

Hardcore Porn Movie Collection is one great site! Updated FOUR TIMES every day, you'll never get bored and you certainly won't have to watch the same videos again and again. Huge site, high quality content and ONLY $1 for a 3 day trial. You can't go wrong!

And how about the famous Vivid Girls? Ever seen Vivid porn? Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Taylor Hayes, Cheyenne, Raylene, Janine (the man eater star), Tobe Kai, Sunrise Adams (one of my favorites), Savannah Samson, Devon, Asia Carrera, Chasey Lain, Tawny Roberts, Mercedez, Kira Kener, and so many more. Watch them fuck and lick each other, the most awesome threesomes, and they can fuck and suck cock like no other slut out there! EXCELLENT porn! Visit HotSexyShop porn videos for more options, like $9.97 per month memberships, and teens, lesbians, black, and Vivid Girls official sites.

For reality porn, I highly recommend Adult Reality Porn Pass. Get access to 15 exclusive reality porn sites. Big tits, Latina, MILF, awsome threesomes, lesbians and first time lesbian experiences, hardcore, hardcore, hardcore. Excellent, excellent reality site! Probably the best you'll find online.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wanna know how to fuck her right?

Welcome to the home of sexual fantasies!

Fuck her right is all about sexual fantasies and how a woman likes to get fucked. It's about lesbian thoughts, getting anal sex, or how to get to her gspot. Yeah it's a porn site, and quite hardcore at that, but hell what a difference with all the crap out there!

Melissa will show you how to hit the gspot and you'll see first hand how good it feels for a woman. Too many women will never experience a gspot orgasm in their life, and way too many men don't even know about it never mind how to do it right!

Check it out in Fuck her right, guys!

Shanna will show you ladies how to give the perfect blowjob to your man and send him straight to ecstasy. Blow him like that every so often and he'll never look elsewhere for sex!

Watch this amazing blowjob queen in action

People just like you write in and ask for advice on how to fuck their brains out, make love or simply just have sex. Both men and women want to know how to be dominated in the bedroom; learning to do anal sex properly and without pain, or even how to suck cock while being titty-fucked.

ALL the answers are acted out and captured in graphic movies and hardcore Hi-Res pictures with some of the HOTTEST models on the circuit! A variety of topics are covered creating an interesting hardcore site with content that appeals to anyone with sexual fantasies or wants to learn what women really want when it comes to sex and especially how they want it. These movie and picture formats are easy to watch and fast to load, dramatically improving your sexual experience as a result.

Fuck her right. THAT is money well spent in porn!