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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Reply to HotSexyShop Addict

I'm so very happy to read that HotSexyShop has many happy regular and loyal visitors. I'm also glad to see that you like the content on HotSexyShop because that's my main goal, to please my visitors. I know I tend to pick programs that appeal to me and that's wrong so I'm trying hard to change that. The top list every month sure tells me that the kind of porn I like isn't necessarily porn that you all like and vice versa.

How do I choose porn sites for HotSexyShop?

Well at first for the first few months I only had the biggest and most reliable names in porn like Hustler, Playboy, Vivid Girls, and Kara's Adult Playground.

Then I started receiving emails asking for free porn. So I went hunting for free porn. I found many sites but none offered "no consoles" so they all had exit popups. I HATE POPUPS!!! Then a HotSexyShop visitor emailed me to tell me that many of the popups promoted bestiality which is disgusting AND illegal. So I removed them all.

So I started reviewing many of the sites before I added links to make sure that 1) they were legal and 2) they offered high quality porn and content. Now that's time consuming! Some of these sites are HUGE.

I met a lot of other people in porn and I got some pretty good advice on sites to feature and those to avoid. ANY program that installs spyware and porn dialers without your knowledge or consent are not found on HotSexyShop.

HOWEVER... some programs do offer dialers for people with no credit cards or simply those who choose to pay for porn that way. This is NOT spyware and it's only an added feature to allow people from many other countries to watch porn online.

Many programs have been added and removed in the last 1.5 years. Some will be removed again in the near future and replaced with fresh content.

I try to choose porn sites that you won't find around every corner and offer you something that you may not have seen before - or at the very least some very high quality porn. It's not an easy task, there are millions of porn sites on the internet. Some are good, others really suck. I want HotSexyShop to stand out from the rest because it gives you good value for your buck.

I also have another porn site in the works that will offer you some high quality porn at $10 per month or less. I am currently reviewing all the programs to be added to that site and that's where I've been spending most of my time lately. Now THAT will be something of high interest, let me tell you!

As for joining Playboy, your "little woman" might enjoy it more than you. :) I know I loved Playboy and I spent many days, whole days, lurking around that site and never got to see it all.

Playboy's content is exclusive and you won't see it anywhere else. It's extremely high quality, both pictures and videos, and more sensual and erotic than dirty and raunchy. I guess you can say that Playboy is high class porn. If you're looking for real nasty hardcore, Playboy isn't the site for you although Playboy does have some real good porn as well. It's not all softcore and it's quite easy to get fooled with their softcore porn approach to think that that's all it is because it isn't.

As for the All Inclusive Access Pass sites, you may be happier there than Playboy if you're into real hardcore. Although their banners only advertise 6 sites, they now have a total of 10 sites included with your membership. I didn't review all their sites but from those I've seen it's very high quality and they offer some really good stuff. I personally enjoyed the "sleeping" site. They have a little bit of everything to satisfy those who fantasize a lot or have some fetishes. Definitely worth the price! You won't be disappointed and I'm sure that the "little woman" will enjoy it as much as you will.

When will I add more content to HotSexyShop?

It already has a ton of it! :) The site is getting huge and it's time to start breaking it into smaller pieces. As for the porn links page, it will be updated over the Christmas Holidays with some fresh content. Look for many sites to disappear - all those that have generated little to no interest in months - and replaced with some fresh porn that has never been seen on HotSexyShop.

If you're looking for hardcore that your partner will also enjoy, All Inclusive Access Pass is an excellent choice.

If you're not really sure what you want or what she'll like, I suggest starting with a cheap site like $6 per month models. It's great hardcore with beautiful models, women tend to like beautiful women in porn, at least I do. That way, it doesn't cost you a fortune and you WILL like what you see. I've seen that site and it's worth every penny of that $6!

How about live sex web cams?

For something totally different, I would also suggest Live Sex webcams. You can watch other couples fuck live right in front of you and that can be quite a turn on for your woman as well as for you, no doubt. :) You can try this one Live couples fuck and join for free and see if you like it. If you want private shows which is where all the fun really is you'll have to pay but it's well worth the small price. You'll have hundreds of couples to watch 24/7.

Not sure if you want to see couples? Go with the Generic live sex webcams and pick something you'd both like to see. It's still free to chat in a group chat and watch them do whatever they do for free. But again for the real fun you'll have to spend a few bucks.

If you've never seen live sex cam shows, maybe it's time you start! But be careful, it's highly addictive!!!

Hope to keep you (and many others) as a loyal HotSexyShop visitor for a long, long time. ;)


Thursday, December 08, 2005

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