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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Porn, porn and more porn!

I've been living, breathing and dreaming porn in the last year. It seems that's all I ever do and look at. Even my boyfriend now calls me "lesbo" because I comment on big boobs and female pornstars in general.

Unlike men who don't normally comment on the physique of another male or admire another man's physical attributes, women will often comment about another woman's nice body or beautiful breasts. Funny thing that women can be more open about these things but when it comes to sex, they tend to shy away somewhat and men seem to be the horny ones! :)

Most women have secret lesbian or threesome fantasies although they would never go through with them. I know I wouldn't want to SEE my boyfriend touch another woman or watch another woman touch him (no more than he would want to see me with another man), but we can talk about it, fantasize about it, and watch porn together that fulfills these fantasies. Some fantasies should never be lived out for real, but thanks to porn and an open mind, couples can really improve and boost their sex lives.

So here they are, some of my favorite porn sites - NO POP UPS. :)


My favorite ADULT site: PLAYBOY PLUS

Playboy Plus - This is my #1 recommended site for women and my favorite ADULT site - not porn site. The most complete porn program I have ever seen. If you want quality, this is by far the highest quality adult site on the internet. Notice that I don't say porn site, I say adult site because Playboy is so much more than just porn. I spent several days, ENTIRE DAYS, lurking around Playboy Plus and I didn't get to see it all. I watched very few porn videos in Playboy, there was just so much more to see. Playboy will appeal to you if you're looking for more than just plain porn movies. After all, you're not horny 24 hours a day! I would have no problem at all dishing out the cash to join Playboy Plus for an entire year!

If you're an admirer of gorgeous women, you truly enjoy flawless bodies and big breasts, you'll be in heaven! You'll see every playmate from day one, extremely high quality Playboy playmate shooting videos and pictures, playmate tryouts and all their shooting videos - even those who don't make the cut, behind the scenes footage, a space where a woman can apply to become a playmate, you can even chat with Playboy staff including many playmates. There is so much to that site besides porn! Plus don't forget that you have access to all Playboy magazines.

Playboy Plus also includes Twins and Sisters, Big Breast Babes, College Girls and Cheerleaders, Roommates, Girlfriends, Sorority Girls plus free access to 4 more hardcore porn sites.

Playboy gives you awesome erotic and sensual lesbian sex, tons of cockteasing, amazing threesomes with twins and sisters, true hardcore, teens, older playmates, you get it all.


Kara's Adult Playground - By far my favorite porn site of them all. It has been voted #1 porn program since 1996 for a reason! When you join Kara's Adult Playground, you get access to 40+ niche sites in the Kara family: lesbians, teens, amateurs, mature, fetish, oral sex, anal porn, black, blondes, red heads, pornstars, you name it, it's there, there's nothing missing here.

The members area is very well organized and makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Members have access to almost everything under the sun. There's no trial for Kara's Adult Playground but the $29.99 is well worth the price. You can watch porn every day of the year for an entire year and never see the same movie twice and still get off and fulfill a different fantasy every time.

Kara's Adult Playground network has OVER ONE MILLION explicit pictures, more than 750,000 porn movies, thousands of live sex shows, more women than you'll ever be able to handle!

Overall, Kara's Adult Playground offers the best porn you'll find anywhere, the most porn that $29.99 will ever get you, and I guarantee you'll be very pleased, in every sense of the word!


Of all the Hustler sites, Hustler Platinum is my favorite. I'm not sure why, it just is. Maybe it was the women, or the movies, or the members area, I can't quite put my finger on it. I've been in all the Hustler sites but I kept going back to Hustler Platinum. You can join Hustler Platinum on a trial basis for just $4.95 for 3 days. Give it a shot, get inside and you'll understand what I mean!

Hustler Platinum is a megasite porn site in itself. Thousands and thousands of pictures and porn movies in every niche, beautiful women (and men - I saw them too!), true quality hardcore. You know you can't go wrong with Hustler. High quality, reputable, gorgeous centerfolds, raunchy sex, women who'll stop at nothing to give you the pleasure you want exactly the way you want it.

Hustler Platinum gives you tons of teen sex, fulfills your deepest oral fantasies, amateurs, anal porn, lesbians and threesomes, and all movies can be seen FULL SCREEN and still retain their video quality.

It doesn't matter which Hustler site you choose really, you'll get the same high quality you'd expect from this legendary porn maker. If you want more options, then go with Hustler Online - same deal, 3 day trial for $4.95 but you'll also have access to the famous Hustler Barely Legal and Hometown Girls (amateurs) for the same price, even with the trial. You won't be disappointed!


Although a shaved pussy can be quite attractive and it makes it easier to SEE what's going on, hairy pussies are all natural. My favorite is Hairy Sexx. The reason I like that site more than others in that category is because they don't go overboard. The girls do have hairy pussies but they don't look like virgin jungles. Some are nicely trimmed without being shaved, others are left completely natural. High quality, well organized, and you can give Hairy Sexx a try on a trial basis for just ONE DOLLAR for 3 full days.


Reality and amateur porn is not my biggest thing when it comes to porn but there are some sites that I find quite good in content and quality. For more on reality porn, view an earlier post in this blog on this subject.

My #1 favorite reality porn site is Please Bang My Wife. These are couples where the husband or boyfriend has fantasies about watching his woman with another man and in some movies he even joins in the fun. It's quite hot, really hardcore, and fulfills a woman's fantasy about being with her husband/boyfriend and another man or even two strangers, or a man's fantasy about seeing his woman getting fucked by another guy or he and a buddy fucking the same woman at the same time. This site will appeal to men who have voyeuristic fantasies or tendencies as well.


I like Teens casting couch because these teens really look innocent (although we all know they're not!), they're quite young, and some of them could go on to become major pornstars. The whole theme plays around casting these young hotties for the adult industry and they're asked to show what they can do if they want to make it. There's nothing left to the imagination, it's true hardcore all the way, and these teens are really nothing but true little whores!

Shemales and Trannies - this site has popups

When you want the best of both worlds, go shemales! I particularly like Tranny Surprise. Here you have these beautiful women, big firm breasts, bodies to kill for and the guys are real hot for these babes. Things get heated, and... SURPRISE! The woman is not ALL woman! Watch these guys give these shemales the ride of their lives. As a woman, I really love shemale movies, especially in threesome action.


Real trannies is all gorgeous women, from the waist up. There's nothing ugly on that site. Below the waist are some good looking dicks! Ever wanted to know what it'd be like to get fucked up the ass but you don't want to do it with another man? These trannies will give you what you want and they KNOW how to please a cock!


Ever been to a party where you wished it could have turned into an orgy? Gorgeous cockteasers who wanted you to notice them but nothing ever happened? Harcore Partying fulfills that fantasy and then some! Nobody is left out, they all get a piece of the action. These girls don't just tease you, they WANT you to fuck them, right there, right now! Girl-girl, girl-guy, girl-girl-guy, orgies and group sex.

Female-Female-Guy threesome

Two chicks and one dick fulfills your fantasy of being with two women at the same time. Both suck your dick, you can feel both sets of lips and both tongues, you alternate pussies, fuck one and watch her lick the other's girls pussy, or one girls licks the other's clit and suck your balls while your cock is buried in the other pussy. True hardcore and some of my favorite threesome scenes!

I've been in so many porn sites in the last year that it's hard to pick just a handful and call them my favorites except for the first 3 listed here which truly are. The other sites change in rank depending on the mood I'm in.

Any of the above sites will provide high quality hardcore, very good value for your buck, and you will be pleased regardless of the site you choose.

So enjoy! If you're not single, make your woman watch with you, get her all hot and horny, and get laid for real!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Does she have a bigger dick than yours?

Does penis size really matter?

We can make fun of it and laugh about it, but it's not really funny. If you're one among millions of men around the world who's stuck with a small penis, then you know it's no laughing matter.

Do women really prefer a bigger penis? YES! As a woman, I can honestly tell you that bigger is better. I'm not talking humongous, too big is no better than too small. In fact, I would choose a 6 inch penis any day over a 9 or 10 inch penis. But a 7.5 to 8 inch penis is much more satisfying for a woman than a 6 inch penis.

If your partner wants to use sex toys every time you have sex, and the dildo is bigger than your penis, it's a pretty good indication that your penis is not big enough to satisfy her.

Do penis enlargement pills or male enhancement products really work? Thousands of men around the world swear they do. But will they work for you?

What have you got to lose?
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The two products I recommend most are made by the same company. They've been in business for several years and have an excellent reputation. No lawsuits hanging over their heads, thousands of satisfied customers, and they offer you a hell of a lot more than any other company on the market.

Penis pills vs penis patches vs penis enlargement devices and exercises

With penis pills, you have to commit to taking the pills as directed EVERY DAY. You can't take the recommended dose for a few days and then skip a day or two, then take the pills again for another few days, then skip a few more days or take less pills because you forget to take them. Either you're committed to the program or you're not.

If you don't think you can commit to taking pills on a daily basis for 4-6 months for best results, then don't buy pills, you're wasting your money. Penis enhancement pills only work if you take them.

Penis patches are a lot easier than pills and work the same way as the patch to quit smoking. They release herbal ingredients slowly which are absorbed by your skin and move through your body at a constant rate. The dose is constant and always right. Each patch is good for 3 days. You just put the patch somewhere on your body around your belly button, lower stomach or high thigh where you have no bruises, scratches or skin irritation, and forget it for 3 days!

You can shower, take a bath, swim, play sports, work, do whatever you want, the patch will never get in the way. You don't feel it and it's somewhere where nobody can see it. No embarrassing questions. Your penis is growing silently while everybody is watching without knowing what's going on. :)

Penis enlargement devices look scary to me. It looks painful although they claim it's not. I'm not comfortable recommending those because of the way they work. They make small tears in your penis which heal and help to lenghten your penis.

It's supposed to help men who are affected by peyronie's disease which is curvature of the penis or the penis is slightly to severely bent. Peyronie can make intercouse very painful and sometimes even impossible in extreme cases. Before using a penis stretching device, I would definitely recommend to talk to a doctor or at least get a few medical opinions.

There are several available on the market with various names, they all look like the same thing to me, but I won't put any links for any of them because I'm afraid they might do more harm than good.

ProSolution pills

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If you want to compare more pills, you can have a look at Top rated penis enhancement pills which highlights the best penis pills on the market with a brief review of each one.

If you've heard about VigRX but you want to know more I suggest the following site: Does VigRX really work? Thorough VigRX review and information. You'll get all the facts about VigRX, where it came from, how long it's been around, the company behind it, how it works, even before and after pictures from real men just like you.

For a larger selection, visit HotSexyShop's Male sex enhancers and penis enhancement/enlargement supplements. You'll get everything from natural viagra to pheromones to attract the woman of your dreams.

As long as you have realistic expectations of these products, they might just work for you. I know I read on a site before that men shouldn't expect to see their penis grow like Pinocchio's nose. I laughed, but I'm sure many men buy penis enlargement supplements and products expecting just that. I hope you're not one of them!

Have you had good or bad experiences with penis enlargement products? Post your comments! Completely anonymous. Tell other men about it.


Friday, September 23, 2005

How to surf HotSexyShop

How to choose porn sites from pages of HotSexyShop? Did you know that a good popup blocker will block most consoles from porn sites? Turn the feature on in your firewall settings, Google toolbar, or your antivirus and it will make a huge difference. Although it won't block all popups, it will block most of them.


The Hustler page features only the best quality porn sites you can find on the internet. Although there might be a link or two occasionally for quality reality porn, the majority of porn sites listed on that page will be classic porn. Of course most of the page promotes sites from as Hustler is the main feature.

Any Hustler site will give you very high quality porn, full screen movies, access to all archived and current Hustler magazines, Hustler store, more bonuses than you can dream of, and excellent customer support.

All Hustler VIP sites offer a 3 day trial for just $1 and give you access to all VIP sites, so it doesn't matter which one you choose, you get them all.

All classic Hustler sites offer trials for $4.95 for 3 days and the current special is Hustler Online, Hustler Barely Legal and Hustler Hometown Girls for the price of one even with the trial.

ALL Hustler sites offer monthly memberships for $9.95. Hustler is highly reputable, reliable and you can't go wrong with Hustler, period. All Hustler links on this page give you a no popup option.

As for any of the other sites listed on that page, you can expect reputable and high quality porn, good prices and value for your buck, excellent members area, and great bonuses. Most of these porn programs also offer you monthly memberships for $10 per month or less. Just scroll down the page to that section.


Kara's Adult Playground is by far my favorite porn site on the internet. It has been voted #1 porn site online since 1996!

When you join Kara's Adult Playground, you also get access to all the other Kara porn sites with your membership. There is no trial for Kara's Adult Playground, it will cost you $29.99 per month, but well worth every penny. (see the kara page for a trick on how to get the whole deal and more on a trial basis!)

The whole Kara network of sites has over ONE MILLION pictures, more than 750,000 porn videos, sites in every niche possible, a very well organized members area, tons of bonuses, access to more than 40 high quality porn sites, great customer support, and so much more.

There is so much to Kara's Adult Playground that it's impossible to describe all the benefits. You'll just have to join to judge for yourself. You won't regret it, I guarantee it!


The well known and Vivid Girls give you very high quality porn with super pornstars that have been Playboy Playmates, Hustler and Penthouse centerfolds (and many other magazines), and exclusive content only available through Vivid sites. Vivid Girls feature Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Sunrise Adams, Chloe, Janine, Kobe Tai, Sky Lopez, Asia Carrera, Chasey Laine, Racquel Darrian, Mercedez, and so many more! Gorgeous women who know the porn business and you can't find much better than that.

Vivid also offers niche sites for ebony porn, amateur porn, gay male porn, anal porn, and a separate official site for many Vivid Girls.


Playboy porn is Playboy like you've never seen before. EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY. Playboy would appeal to most women as well. I spent days in the main site, Playboy+, and I still didn't get to see it all! Playboy offers many sites, big breast babes, beach babes (many girls from the popular show Baywatch), twins and sisters, home videos, the raunchy sites from Playboy Spice and many others. With Playboy+ you get access to most of this plus 4 additional hardcore sites from

You can easily be fooled by Playboy's softcore approach. After all, Playboy has a reputation to protect and they don't want any reference made to playmates being involved in porn. Playboy's women are not sluts, they're babes, and they're treated with the highest respect. But once you get inside, porn is porn is porn! However, if you want real raunchy hardcore I strongly suggest Playboy Spice sites rather than the other Playboy sites.

Playboy sites will appeal to those who like erotic porn - not necessarily softcore - and like to be teased beyond belief before being pleased. It will also appeal to those who are looking for more than just movies and videos. Playboy gives you the opportunity to chat with Playboy staff including Playmates, Playmate casting videos and even those who don't make it. There's even a section for women to apply to become Playboy Plamates! Would your wife or girlfriend qualify?

Tons of porn movies and videos, but there is so much more to Playboy. I can't list it all here or you'll be reading about Playboy all day. Just visit the page to know more or join Playboy+.


Lexington Steele is a black male pornstar who has won the performer of the year award 3 times. He is mostly known for his big and natural 11 inch black dick. He has an awesome body and he hand picks his female partners himself. I've been inside his official site and it's huge and worth every penny!

Many pornstars love to perform with Lex Steele, inclucing Monica Sweetheart, Asia Carrera, Bella Donna, Katsumi, Devon Michaels, Katja Kassin and many more. Even his amateurs are gorgeous women, white, Asians, Latinas, blondes, it doesn't matter to him at all. As long as they can take his huge dick!

All Lex Steele movies are true hardcore. Raunchy, dirty, nasty. His most known sites are Lex on Blondes and Black Reign, but he has many more series, all available on his official site. The content is truly exclusive because he shoots most of it himself and the site is updated regularly. Lexington Steele's official site does not offer a trial, you'll have to pay the full price of $29.99 per month to see it all. However, when you join you will also have access to all other sites in the same network which include Peter North (the cumshot legend), and many high quality hardcore and reality sites.

Black Reign is available on its own with a 3 day trial for $2.95. Black Reign is about women of color and ethnic porn. Beautiful women really show you what porn is all about with Lex Steele! If you like black or ethnic porn, you'll love Black Reign!


The Porn Category page lists hundreds of porn sites in almost every niche possible at prices ranging from free trials to $39.99 per month. The page gives you the choice to choose by price or category.

The price option lists all porn sites by trial prices starting from free porn trials, $1, $1.85, and so on and most are 3 day trials. You also have the option to choose by price for monthly membership and these are all $10 per month or less. The majority of these links have descriptions so it's easier to see what the site is about before you click it. Many are pop up free.

The category option lists all porn sites by niche, such as teens, hardcore, Asians, Latinas, lesbians, big tits, reality, MILF, amateurs, etc. There is no description for these links, just a few words to tell you what it is.


The MILF amateur reality porn page is exactly that - MILF and amateur reality porn. I personally prefer classic porn over reality porn but that's just a personal preference.

My favorite sites in this category are (no popups):

However, the most popular site by far among all HotSexyShop visitors is Cream filled holes.

Reality porn fulfills fantasies that you wouldn't normally live out in real life - such as picking up a hard bodied, gorgeous hitchhiking teen and fucking her brains out to pay for the ride, or just picking up beautiful women on the street and have your way with them within minutes of meeting them. Many reality sites are "casting" for new pornstars and are truly amateur porn.

Reputable and high quality reality sites shoot their own content so they offer exclusive porn that you will only find on that particular site and nowhere else. Lower quality programs may at times rent or buy videos from these sites that they resell to you at higher prices. So look for the exclusive content when you join reality porn sites.

A huge benefit of MILF and amateur reality porn is that most sites give you access to many other porn sites with your trial or membership. It's rare that you only get the site you signed up for. So you join one site because you like what you see, but you could also have access to as many as 12, 20, 40 and even 80 additional sites for the same price.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Women and sex

Increase women's sex drive - Do you enjoy sex less than before? Have you lost your sexual appetite and sex drive? Estravil helps you regain a healthy sex drive and helps you achieve orgasm more easily. Feel the tingling between your legs without being touched and surprise your man with a renewed sexual appetite! 100% money back guarantee.

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Free erotic stories ezine - Words can be such a huge turn on!

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Free xxx ezine - Where everything goes!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Cheap porn sites

Ok most free porn is restricted and you get what you pay for. BUT... You don't have to pay high prices to get high quality porn. Did you know that you can get porn as cheap as $1 for a month? There are many sites that offer good quality porn with all the bells and whistles that more expensive programs give you. So why pay more??

Cheapest porn sites on the internet - NO POP UPS!

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I've been inside of all the following sites so I can tell you from personal experience that you get a ton of good porn for the price you pay! There's nothing missing here!

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Have a look!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Free porn links

Yes, free porn does exist on the internet! No credit card required, no membership or recurring fees, 100% free porn with just a valid email address!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

What turns you on?

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You want free porn?

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Wild sex with a total stranger

I was at a party where I only knew a few people when I noticed him standing at the bar. He was staring at me from across the room. My dress was short and low cut but not slutty. High heels always make my legs look longer and I know I have nice legs. I could feel his eyes undressing me. It made me uncomfortably wet.

I tried to ignore him but couldn't. I wanted him to keep watching me. It turned me on. Facing him, I bent over just a little reaching for my glass on the table. The loose top of my dress dropped just enough to let him see some cleavage. My bigger than average yet firm breasts were getting aroused. When I looked up, he was still standing at the exact same spot, his eyes devouring the hard nipples showing through my thin dress. I wasn't wearing a bra. That deep penetrating look was getting me hot like I'd never been before.

The tingling between my legs was getting unbearable. I moved closer to him. I was hoping he would approach me, take me away and we would have the wildest night of passion we'd ever had. You know, pure raw sex with a total stranger. But he didn't budge. Damn!

I asked the hostess if she knew who he was. He was one of her husband's coworkers. I asked her if she could casually introduce us. She said he was married, but "so am I", I said. My husband is always out of town on business. I have no doubts that he has his little flings here and there, so why couldn't I, just this once? Fantasies were running through my head, I wanted this man more than I had ever wanted anyone in my life.

Moving towards the bar, the hostess finally introduced us, quickly, then walked away. I just stood there next to him. He didn't even smile, didn't even talk, he just nodded at me. I was standing next to him, and although I was hot for this guy, I was frozen solid. I couldn't move or talk. I felt so stupid, like a teenager. But goddam I was horny!

Then as if fate had granted me my wish, all the lights went out. He moved behind me. That's when felt a hand reaching under my skirt from behind. My panties were soaked. I felt his fingers rubbing my crotch, trying to spread my lips. I opened my legs sligthly, just a little to give him room. He reached underneath my panties and the warmth of his hand on my shaved pussy made me moan.

He played around my hole, getting his fingers wet, then he started to rub my clit gently. OH MAN!!!! I could barely contend myself! I could feel his hardness on my butt, pressing against me. I started playing with my nipples, squeezing them hard, while his fingers slowly penetrated me, stroking me in and out. I was so wet! What big and long fingers he had, very talented. He pressed harder against me. I could feel his bare cock throbbing between my legs.

He firmly grabbed my hips and bent me forward so he could slide inside me easily. AHHHHHH! I moaned, oh yes baby, yes! His cock was rock hard, and it was big, it filled me completely. With one hand, he rubbed and pinched my nipple, penetrating me even deeper at the same time. I reached down and started playing with my clit, my legs nearly wide opened now.

Oh yes, fuck me baby, take me hard!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tell me...

Ok now let's hear from you!

Tell me what you like/dislike about

How often do you visit?

Do you like the variety?

Here's your chance to tell me what you think!

Who I am and how I got started in the porn business online

You already know I'm a woman. I am no longer a teeny bopper but I'm not a senior citizen either - so I'm somewhere in between. :) I live in Canada but my boyfriend lives in the US so we don't see each other as often as we like. Maybe that's why I got into porn ya think?

I wanted a sexy site, with sexy lingerie, adult movies, sex toys, but I didn't want to get into hardcore. Not at first anyway. While looking for adult magazines, I came across Hustler and that's pretty much how it all started. I looked at Hustler for a long time before I decided to add their porn programs to the site.

hustlerblog (15k image)

When I joined Hustler as a webmaster, I asked so many stupid newbie questions that they gave me full temporary access to all the sites. I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!!!!! I thought porn online was just porn movies and videos and nothing else. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal and why so many people were into it. WOW was that an eye opener or what?!? Like most of you, I had seen a few free clips, you know the type - 10 or 20 second videos and so many that were of such low quality that I could barely tell which shadow was the man and which was the woman, but I had never paid for it.

I've "met" so many wonderful people in this industry already. Several, both men and women, went out of their way to help me and teach me what a twink was, what AVN and TGP and MILF meant (yep, those were the stupid newbie questions I was asking!).

Anyway, I started adding links to Hustler on HotSexyShop. The Hustler page was the only porn page on HotSexyShop for several months.

playboy-blog (21k image)

Then I added links to Kara's Adult Playground, Playboy, and a few others that are $9.95 per month or less. Then it got boring. So I went looking for more.

I received many emails asking for free porn. I added some links until I realized that many of them had links to illegal stuff like bestiality. I removed those in a hurry! I hope I got them all, if any are left it really is an honest mistake because I find that DISGUSTING! There is still some pretty good free sites out there but like anything, nothing is really free. You'll get emails from them until the day you quit or join one of their pay sites. Besides most free porn sites are restricted. You won't get access to everything unless you pay for it. Some only let you watch one short video per day. Others won't let you see the whole movie. You really get what you pay for in these cases.

Then when I got even more bored, the Porn Category page was born. If you want a lot of choices, that's the page to see! There are hundreds of porn sites listed, with a new feature of the month that just started in August (before my nightmare with spyware! that forced me to reformat and then buy a new computer).

Ok enough rambling for tonight. Will add more later!

New HotSexyShop Blog!

Ha ha I finally found a blog that works the way it's supposed to.

I'm a woman so I tend to ramble on and on and on... is not the place to chat up a storm so I decided it was time to blog it. Here you'll find what's new on HotSexyShop, what will be added and/or deleted, news about Hustler and other programs.

When I get more comfortable with this blogging thing I will allow you to post comments as well, maybe even have polls every now and then. The site is getting more and more repeat visitors every day so it was important to me to find a way to be in touch with you and let you find and read what you want without having to sift through all my nonsense.

Since I will be using this blog to talk to you, some pages of will be deleted and reproduced here - like a little more about me and why and how I got into the porn business online, how to choose a good porn program without wasting your money, what sites I like and dislike, the ones I think are the best. I've been a member of the majority of the sites listed on all the pages of HotSexyShop, so I know what's there and what's not.

I guess you can say I got "porn educated" real fast. The people at Hustler were a GREAT help when I got started and I love them to death, as well as the girls at Kara's" Adult Playground. I'm always in touch with one special person at Hustler so sometimes I get the heads up before everyone else. ;)

I loved the Hustler monkey so I posted it on the Hustler page. Some liked it too, but many didn't care much for it. So here it is! I think he's adorable!
HUSTLER’s orangutan was the hit of an adult sponsor show in Hollywood, Florida in early August. Just thought I'd let you see the Hustler mascot wearing his Hustler t-shirt.

You can view all Hustler sites at Hustler page