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Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Porn Review: Brain Pass

It's been a while. I guess you don't pay much attention to time when you're watching good porn!

I reviewed Brain Pass when they only had a handful of quality sites. Since then they've added quite a few more so I thought it was time for a new review. They now offer more than 25 sites for the price of one.

Price: $29.95 for one month or $59.99 for 3 months - you get one month free when you join for 3 months. It saddens me a little that there's no trial for this one, but on the other hand they're saving you a few bucks because guaranteed once you get in you won't want to come out!

Easy navigation between sites, excellent daily updates for all sites, great members area, good shopping, even the well known Maximum pills to increase your sperm volume endorsed by Peter North himself.

Brain Pass is pure hardcore from start to finish and offers enough niches to fulfill all your fantasies. Full screen movies in every site and all movies are downloadable even in full screen format, high quality videos and pictures, tons of live sex shows, and many of the biggest names in porn!

All in all, Brain Pass is a no brainer, it's a definite keeper!

Included sites in Brain Pass

Lexington Steele

You'll get access to ALL Lexington Steele movies ever made. If you've never heard of Lex Steele, get your head out of the sand! He's best known for his natural 11 inch black dick. All his official sites are exclusive to Brain Pass.

That includes Lex on Blondes, Lex big cock movies, Lex interracial, Black Reign, Lex Movies and Lexington Steele plus all his popular series such as Pole Position, Top Gun, Man Hammer, Super Whores, Heavy Metal and more. He shoots his own content and handpicks his female partners/

Lex in the City - his own radio talk show. He interviews people in the adult industry, porn stars, newbies, wannabes, strippers, DJ's, photographers, and other porn personalities. Don't listen to it on the radio, in Lex Steele you can view it LIVE in real time on VIDEO!

A forum where you'll have first hand knowledge of new upcoming Lex Steele episodes. Even talk to some of his porn stars who are moderators on that board! Lex himself makes an appearance in the forum every now and then. Make suggestions for his movies, radio interviews, tell him what you like and dislike, what you want to see, which of his porn stars you like best, flirt with them! This is FREE guys! There's no extra charge for this.

Peter North and Peter's Cumshots

Peter North - the porn cum legend. You haven't seen cumshots until you've seen Peter North cum like there's no tomorrow! Peter North is also exclusive to Brain Pass. His official sites "Peter North" and "Peter's cumshots" will give you enough porn on their own to make you blow your load again and again and again! His own collection includes his most popular series North Pole, Anal Addicts, and Deep Throat This!

Follow him around Europe on video in his search for the next most beautiful European porn stars. Behind the scene footage - ever wondered how these men and women can fuck non stop in front of the video guy, photographers, etc. with microphones and videos in their face all that time? Do female pornstars fake it or do they really enjoy it?

Doghouse Digital

Doghouse Digital - Canada's largest porn producer and it's high quality porn all the way through!! This one caters to basic porn (anal, blowjobs, ass to mouth, pussy pounding, threesomes, double penetration) to the most unreal kinky stuff and fetishes. This you'll have to see for yourself! Very high quality.

Silverstone videos

Silverstone video features the best babes in porn, from well known top porn stars to the newest faces - Silvia Saint, Anita Dark, Mia Stone, Tera Patrick, Monica Sweetheart, Olivia del Rio, Tabitha Stevens, Sunrise Adams and tons more. You'll get access to all the Silverstone series: Pick Up Lines, Pick Up Babes, Peeping Tom, and Latina Eye Candy.

Content is updated every 2 to 4 days without exception. You'll never be out of fresh porn to look at.

Christine Young

Native of Montreal, Christine is a horny and naughty teen who just wants to fuck all the time. Every week she hosts new guests on her site, both males and females because she's into everything as long as it's sex! Watch her on live cam, interact with her, chat with her, and make her do what you want to see her do!

Busty Christy

As the title says, Christy has big natural tits. She's a fresh, 19 year old brunette who's a newcomer to porn. Totally exclusive content. She likes public nudity and being watched, so you'll get lots of action in public places. She's into girls too so plenty of teen lesbian action.

Cherry Potter

Another fresh face in porn and another hot and horny slutty teen. Nothing stops this one, anal, double cocks, lesbian hardcore, threesomes, everything goes. She's got only one thing in mind and that is to fuck, fuck, fuck!

Kelly Summer

Kelly is a gorgeous blonde teen who loves to get it on. Her site features a lot of anal sex, ass to mouth, threesomes, double penetration, lesbian hardcore, and cum swapping. What a cute little whore she is!

Sweet Amylee

Amylee is one kinky teen slut! She's also a stripper and into gymnastics (yes, she's VERY flexible!) and she loves to interact with her members. You won't believe what she's into besides your normal hardcore stuff!

Melissa Doll

As her name indicates, Melissa is a real little doll. She's an 18 year old sweetheart from Montreal but far from innocent when it comes to sex. She truly enjoys what she does, no faking with her! Watch her give blowjobs, get fucked in the ass, in threesomes, or just masturbating. She really likes to be watched so her members get her undivided attention in her live sex shows and you'll get plenty of action!

Cute Angie

Angie is another teen slut. Her site didn't appeal to me as much as the others but it's hardcore porn nontheless. I guess I just couldn't get into her. You get plenty of pussy and anal pounding, masturbation scenes, lesbian action, threesomes and the likes.

Bang me Boys

Now these are real sluts who love a lot of cocks at the same time! Can you say FIVE DICKS??? If you want to see some girl get gangbanged to the max, this is your site! Only one girl and plenty of cocks. They take turn fucking her, her mouth goes from dick to dick even two in her mouth at the same time, double penetration, these women are real whores!

The Lucky Man

Fairly new to the Brain Pass family. This site was a favorite on HotSexyShop for a while. One guy gets five girls just to himself. Imagine, five mouths on your dick, fucking five pussies or going from pussy to ass with different girls. Could you really handle 5 women at the same time? These guys can and they love every minute of it!

I Want Latina

Latin women are known to be warm, sexy and sensuous. These Latinas won't disappoint you! Gorgeous women, great bodies, firm tits, and great hardcore content! If you like Latina porn, you'll be quite happy here.

Real Squirts

Female ejaculation videos! The majority of women will never experience a squirting orgasm in their lifetime. Most men don't know where the G-Spot is or how to reach it to bring their partner to this kind of climax. Not only do you get plenty of female squirting videos, you'll also get lots of tips on how to bring the woman in your life to experience a true female ejaculating orgasm.

Shelby Bell

The first time I ever saw Shelby Bell was when she was a brand newcomer to porn with BrunoB. I thought she was quite an amateur, performing for the camera more than for enjoyment and it showed. She wasn't very good and I found her scenes somewhat boring, although she's quite pretty. She's "matured" quite a bit in the business since, now with her own website she offers much better quality videos and the camera isn't her focus of attention anymore, she's really into what she's doing. She was even a Hustler covergirl!

Only DP

This site is brand new to Brain Pass, barely a couple of months old. Double penetration, every hole is filled. Very good looking girls who really enjoy being fucked in all holes. Amazing double penetration scenes. This is true hardcore in every sense of the word.

I Love it Black

Another brand new site to the Brain Pass family. Interracial porn, girls who love big black cocks. White girls, black girls, Latinas, Asians, they all love black meat. High quality videos, true hardcore.

Hardcore Fiesta

Well here the title says it all. Hardcore, hardcore, and more hardcore. Blowjobs and cumshots, anal sex, pussy pounding in every position possible, lesbian action, threesomes, you have it all.

Girly Gang Bang

This site was a favorite on HotSexyShop for a while. All lesbian action, and true lesbian hardcore. One girl gets fucked by all the others, dildo, strap ons, pussy licking, tit sucking, even double penetration. A real porn harem for the lesbian lover.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Two new porn sites added to the list

Tranny surprise

So she's gorgeous and she's got the hots for you and you for her. You like her firm tits that she keeps shoving in your face. Time to fuck! WOW she gives you the best blowjob you've ever had. And then she takes ALL her clothes off... SURPRISE! The bitch's got a dick!

This Shemale sex site offers 4 movie clips of 60 seconds each. Watch this beautiful girl give him a great blowjob until...

Big natural tits

All natural big titties for your sucking, licking and fucking pleasure. Watch these big boobs bounce with every stroke when you fuck her wet pussy or tight ass. Slide your hard dick between those jugs and feel the heat! A natural big tit lover's paradise!

Big tit fuck movies gives you 4 free - one minute clips.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

October top porn sites list

Sorry to see confusion as to where to find all the links for the porn programs featured in the top list. HotSexyShop has a lot of pages and not all of them are linked to one another. All free porn ezines are listed on this blog.

NOTE: Only sites that offer no popups are listed in the top list every month. That porn list is always totally popup free. There are sites such as Naughty Beauties that ended the month quite high and should have rightfully been listed, but unfortunately this site has popups so it's not featured in the top sites of the month.

There is enough porn on HotSexyShop's porn links page to please any and every man or woman and fulfill every fantasy you might have, even fantasies you don't even know you have! I don't need to make anything up and I'm sorry "aggravated" felt this way.

I take a lot of pride in HotSexyShop and I maintain it to offer you only high quality porn from reputable porn programs and companies that won't rip you off and will give you great value for your buck. I have paid to join several of these sites before adding them to make sure that they met HotSexyShop's high standards.

You can find the top October sites scattered on these pages:

Larry Flynt's Hustler Online

Porn links

Milf porn

Lexington Steele

Vivid porn

Kara's Adult Playground