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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Penthouse Pet Gallery

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hustler porn news

No doubt when it comes to hot sexy porn, Hustler is a big winner, hands down! It's been the #1 choice for HotSexyShop visitors for 2 straight years, and for good reasons. Hustler is the king of porn.

When Hustler recently decided to change all porn sites without a word to anyone, HotSexyShop ended up with a bunch of links that didn't work, links that went to different sites, and inaccurate information because they did away with all the VIP and $9.95 sites. BAD BAD MOVE HUSTLER!

Now many sites only work sporadically and often lead nowhere or to a members log in page but it doesn't even give the option to join. Or it goes straight to the join page and you don't get to see the tour. *SIGH*


If you want some good alternatives that will give you the same gorgeous centerfolds, amateurs who love to be watched, and the high quality porn that you've come accustomed to, here are some very good sites for you!


Brain Pass All Access Pass
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Penthouse Pets
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Official Porn Stars Site
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Vivid Girls, Video and Vivid Porn
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All inclusive Porn pass
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More into reality porn? No problem, there are some really good reality sites out there! They're even starting to convert ME!!

Adult All Reality Pass
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cheap NO POP UPS hot porn sites

I hate pop ups more than anything, so here you go. Top hot porn sites, CHEAP!, and NO fucking POP UPS!!!

PS: All links open in a new window so you don't lose this site to visit another - those are NOT pop ups. If you get any ads popping in your face on ANY of those sites, you've got spyware on your computer. Scroll down to find out how to get rid of it.

In the meantime, enjoy cheap hot porn!

Wild, Wild Girls
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hot Big Tits Porn

Now that I ranted enough about spyware in porn lately, back to what's important - HOT PORN SITES!

How about some big tits? I love women with big boobs. :)

View all these big tit sluts at Big Tit Banging NO POP UPS!!!

Don't you hate big tit sites that show you women with small to medium boobs? All the babes here are very well endowed, huge melons that can take your cock and make you cum and cum and cum!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How safe is it to surf porn sites?

Yes I'm going to rant about this again. In the adult and porn world, this has come up a LOT recently and it's important that you get this through your head.

I was going to start a brand new blog on security and spyware issues but since it is directly related to you if you surf porn sites, especially free porn, it really does belong here.

So that you understand where I'm coming from with all this, I'm not just a webmaster affiliated with porn companies, I'm also A PORN SURFER. Just like you are. I was a regular porn site surfer long before HotSexyShop was created.

If they can't make any money from you because you won't pay for porn, you want everything for free, you pay the price in a different way. SPYWARE! These gallery owners get paid for each spyware install per computer. So you don't make them any money by not paying for porn, no problem, they'll get their money by installing spyware on your computer without your knowledge or permission and they'll get paid to fuck your computer.

MANY large and well known free porn galleries resort to these tactics. WHY?


I'm not talking about porn trailers on official websites, I'm talking about free videos on TGPs or any other free porn galleries. Not all do this, thank heavens, but you'll get it sooner or later.

Did I ever get hit with spyware surfing porn sites? YOU BET! And many times. The only good thing about my experience with spyware/adware/scumware is that I'm not a computer dummy. My boyfriend is also a big help as well as many other "computer anti spyware gurus" I've met online over the years. I can safely edit my registry, edit entries in safe mode, uninstall and reinstall windows, internet explorer and various other programs, unregister dll files, and so on... I know where to look for the spyware files, I know which files many of these programs rename, what name and extension they give them, and where they put them so I can find them and delete them.

Do you??

I have NEVER had to reformat my computer because of spyware or take it to the shop to get it fixed.

Have you??

When you click on free porn videos and nothing happens, no video plays, but suddenly your hard drive starts making a lot of noise, you've just been hit with an illegal or driveby spyware download. Maybe you got lucky and the fucking free porn webmaster who did this to you wasn't that greedy and you only got one program. But IN MOST CASES these come bundled. That means that when you get one download, you get a dozen of them.

Also a lot of dirty webmasters will download spyware onto your computer on 404 error pages - page not found - or page cannot be displayed. Sometimes, that's even done on purpose, other times the site might be down for a few minutes and you just happened to be there at the wrong time. And then BANG!!! You just got hit again.

How many times do you need to get hit with spyware before you start fighting back? Are you going to keep reformatting your hard drive? Pay to get it fixed every time? Waste hours and even days trying to fix it yourself?

When you could be protected RIGHT NOW against many of these scum programs. Don't wait til you have them all, BLOCK them from downloading onto your computer in the first place!

Surfing porn sites is NOT safe! Some of the nastiest scumware programs directly target porn. Why? Look at the free porn comments above!

HotSexyShop and Hot Sexy Porn Blog will NEVER, EVER promote spyware, install spyware or recommend programs that do. If you EVER find ANY porn site on HotSexyShop that does (it's rare that one escapes me because I check often, but it has happened) please let me know right away. That program will be removed INSTANTLY.

My goal is not to fuck up your computer and ruin your porn experience online. I'm not that broke or desperate to make a quick buck. My goal with HotSexyShop was to provide high quality porn sites that would give you the best value for your buck. And I think that has been done since day one.

Surf porn safely!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Zango and adult/porn

If you ever surf any of these sites:

and several other sex webcam/adult dating sites...

Be VERY wary of the popups you might get! If you get an ad popping over the page you're currently looking at whenever you click a link to ANY of those sites, your computer is infected with zango. If you have children who use your computer, would you really want them to be exposed to adult popup ads?

What is zango?

Zango (formerly 180Solutions, they changed their name to simply zango after they merged with another malware, Hotbar) is an adware application that delivers popups.

When the program is downloaded to your computer, it installs a LARGE file with hundreds, possibly thousands of keywords. When you surf online, zango comes along for the ride and it scans all the sites you visit. Then it communicates with the file of keywords. If it finds any of those keywords or recognizes URL's on the site, that's when you get popups.

Have you ever wondered how they just KNEW what you were looking at to bombard you with popups based on the site you're on at the time??

How did you get it on your computer?

There are many ways to get "infected" with adware. Most likely, you downloaded free games, screensavers, smilies, free porn videos. Maybe it was your kids or your wife (or husband) who didn't know and just kept on clicking "I agree" or "ok". Maybe you were lucky enough to be told ahead of time that you were about to download zango to see whatever you wanted to see or get. And there you go, now you got zango tagging along every time you're online and watching every site you visit.

If you weren't so lucky, you went to a site that has driveby installs, meaning that zango got downloaded on your computer without your knowledge or permission. Maybe you just clicked on a link that activated the download without ever being visible to you. All of a sudden, you find yourself in a popup nightmare.

You can remove zango and other spyware with X-Cleaner spyware BLOCKER.

Thank goodness, HotSexyShop does not give the above companies any spots, and sometimes that's a real blessing in disguise.

I care way too much about providing quality and good value to my visitors. I would never dream of fucking up your computer for money, not even a lot of money! I've been the "recipient" of adware/spyware many times myself in the past via driveby downloads, and it's not fun!

How to know if you have spyware on your computer?

1. New toolbars that show up out of nowhere and take up a lot of space on your screen

2. New icons in the bottom right of your screen or on your desktop that you don't recognize and you didn't download a new program yourself


4. Your start up page has changed without your input

5. Your computer moves at snail pace when it used to be fast

6. When you try to search for something, you are automatically redirected to a different page, you rarely, or never, end up where you want to go

There are over 400 adware/spyware programs in existence today. If your computer is not protected, the odds are that it is infected with at least one, and more than likely, many of them.

Don't let the scums of the internet win, fight back! Block these programs from being downloaded onto your computer before it's too late. X-Cleaner spyware BLOCKER has kept me spyware free for a long time.

It's up to you how you want to handle these problems, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper to buy a good spyware blocker than it is to buy a new computer or take it to the shop to get it fixed!

Happy and SAFE surfing!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Free access to Karas Adult Playground

Ok guys, here's the scoop!

You can now get free lifetime membership to Kara's Adult Playground and all the other Kara sites listed in the post below this one.

This is how it works:

Before you had to pay $4.99 for 3 days or join for the month at $29.99. All paid trials have totally been eliminated and monthly memberships are now an OPTION rather than a requirement. You no longer have to pay to join any of the sites, you get to test drive them all for free for as long as you want.

Yes, that's right, let me repeat that... You sign up for Kara's Adult Playground or any other site for free and you can remain a free member for life.

What's the catch??

There is and there isn't a catch, it depends on how you look at it, but here is the difference between "free" and "paid" membership.

The free membership can be compared to a free trial of the site. You get access to porn videos, you see what's there, but not all features of the sites are accessible. You see more than enough to know whether you want to pay for more, or stay as a free member. In order to get all the features and get more porn, you have to become a "paid" member.

It doesn't cost a dime to have a look around, so cum on in and see what Kara's Adult Playground is really all about! You won't have to pay a single cent!



Monday, October 02, 2006

Kara's Adult Playground goes INSANE!

If you've never heard of Kara's Adult Playground, then you haven't been surfing porn sites for very long. They've been named #1 hardcore porn site online since 1996!!

And now they've gone completely insane! They've combined most of the sites into some major megasites and are offering FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!!

Are you crazy?????

Check these out! I also added the other Kara's sites that have all combined their content for each FREE site. Yes, you read that right, I DID say FREE!!!

Absolutely Male
This is a mega gay site...For the longest time, this site sold at $29.99 per month on its own. Now it's been combined with some of the best gay hardcore sites you'll ever find anywhere: Club Cock, Hard Bears, Nasty Boys, Soldier of Cock, X Rated Gay Porn.

Asian Pleasures
Title says it all... mega site featuring the most beautiful Asian babes who know how to deliver what you're craving! Content from: Asian Heat, Hot Asian Cherry, Just Asian Teens, X Rated Asian Porn.

Classic Mature
When teenie boppers don't turn you on and you want a real woman to cater to your sexual needs. Mature ladies who still like a good fuck... Content from Xrated mature porn.

Ebony Fantasy

A black porn site that will get your hard and keep you cumming and cumming like the Energizer bunny! Fort Booty, Mixed Flavor, X Rated Black Porn

Fetish Hotel
Always one of the most popular in the Kara's family of porn sites. If you have ANY fetish, guaranteed you'll find it there! Big 'n Plump, Hidden Eyes, Obey Me Slave, Perfect Toes, Trannies Online, X Rated Fetish Porn

Kara's Adult Playground
No introduction needed here! The site has combined the content from Awesome Orgy, Centerfold Heat, Exotic Redheads, Fantasy Toons, Foxy Brunettes, Girls 'n Toys, Group Thrills, Just for Ladies, Kara's Amateurs, Major Melons, Oral Addiction, Petite Latinas, Red Hot Porn Stars, Silky Blondes, Tight Anal Sluts, X Rated Live, Just for the Ladies, Tighter Anal Sluts, XXX Fantasy Toons.

Lesbian Pink
Lesbian lover will adore this site! Sexy, erotic, yet dirty and nasty. From softcore to naughty hardcore sex between women... and only women. Oh their toys too! First Lesbian Kiss, She Likes Girls, Wet Lesbians, X Rated Lesbian Porn

Teen Steam
One of the favorites of many HotSexyShop visitors! Total teen ecstasy - Dirty Cheerleaders, Sorority Review, Teen X, Totally Teens, X Rated Teen Porn

XXX Videos 4 U
This one includes content from the mega site I Want Net Sex!

X-Rated Hardcore Porn
This site made the HotSexyHop top list of the month several times... because it delivers high quality porn!


Porn DVD Shack

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It's all FREE guys! ENJOY! :)