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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheap Porn Site Review

Not long ago, ok it's been almost 3 months, my my time flies when you're having fun! Anyway, back in May I posted that we had a new site up for Cheap Porn Sites. Did I mention that the entire site is popup and adware free?? YEHHHH! If you find any popups from a specific program please let me know, it's an honest mistake. I HATE popups so I wouldn't subject you to popup hell on purpose.

These sites are not trials, they offer full monthly memberships at cheap prices. Notice that I said "cheap prices", because they're certainly not cheap on content! Some offer all the same bells and whistles at no extra charge that their ridiculously high priced competition sell you for a small fortune. Many of these cheap porn sites give you free access to bonus sites, several have ezines, games and live chat as well.


Whatever price you pay - from $1.23/month to never more than $10/month - includes EVERYTHING. You don't need to pay more to watch xxx videos. You see all the explicit pics. Sure some have other sites you can join for an extra fee, like all porn sites out there. But you certainly don't have to and your membership doesn't go up next month or the month after.

So I just reviewed the network of $1.23/month sites. I was curious to see what you got for a $1 for a whole month. I wasn't impressed with the site design so I judged the book by its cover and I didn't expect much. WOW - SURPRISE!

I expected the same crap as all the free sites out there, you can see a few pics but no videos. Or a few 15 second clips. Or limited to one xxx video per day. NOT! They have an amazing load of quality content both in videos and pics for that price! Enough to keep you busy for an entire month without having to spend another dime on another site.

Not only that but when you join one site, you also have FREE access to many of their other sites, including the videos and pics - and that only costs you $1.23 FOR A WHOLE MONTH! I couldn't believe it! Videos are not 15 second clips either, they're long videos and the whole movie might be a part part video. The extras are limited like live chat and ezines and games, so you won't get the full deal for $1.23. But you'll get plenty of xxx videos and pics!

You'll see all the updates for every site, both videos and pictures. It's fairly well organized and mega content for $1!

If you want real value for your buck, literally, this is it! You won't get porn any cheaper than that anywhere. Trust me, I looked! :)

I'll only give you a couple of those links, I feel lazy today. If you want to see the rest of their network, you can visit Cheap Porn Sites. There might be other sites there that interest you more. And don't forget, they're all popup and adware free and you'll never have to pay more to get your porn fix!

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They also have brunettes, teens, cumshots, softcore, lesbians, sex toys. Take a look and I guarantee you won't regret joining any of these sites!